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  • “What Matters” – from Claudia (my novel-in-stories), published in Gentle Strength Quarterly and posted here as a separate page (see menu on right)
  • ‘Clapping Girl’ – short story published in Night Train in their Firebox Fiction category
  • ‘Your Ad Here’ – poem published in sub-scribe
  • New Short Fiction Series Show – Four of my stories, three from my novel-in-stories (in progress) were performed in September of 2008 at the Beverly Hills Public Library. The NSFS is LA’s ‘live literary magazine,’ with local actors reading stories by mainly local writers. The show has in the past featured writers such as Aimee Bender.
  • Past winner of the UCLA Writing Program‘s Kirkwood Award.
  • ‘Run a Yellow Bleeding Red’ – a story/prose poem published in the online journal Mirrors–as the site appears to be down, I have posted it here as a separate page (see Other Works on the menu to the right)
  • ‘Brick’ – monologue performed by David St. James in the winter 2008 show of Lisa Soland’s All Original Playwright Workshop
  • “Call It Beautiful” – a story published in the Winter 2009 issue of New Madrid (to purchase, go to the subscribe page and click on the order form link)
  • “Secret World” – a Claudia story, published online at Sotto Voce in their Winter 2009 Issueas the journal appears to have gone under, I’ve included it here as a separate page (see menu on the right)
  • “Harold Digs His Way to China” – originally published online at 580 Split, whose archives don’t seem to be working, so posted here as a separate page (see menu on the right). And the story behind the story: HERE.
  • book reviews at The Short Review: A Happy Man & Other Stories (Axel Thormahlen); Babylon & Other Stories (Alix Ohlin); Visiting Hours (ed, Dan Wickett); Dead Boys (Richard Lange); 145 Stories in a Small Box (McSweeneys); More of This World or Maybe Another (Barb Johnson); Death Is Not An Option (Suzanne Rivecca)
  • “Fred” – a short story in the Spring 2009 issue of River Oak Review
  • “Rocks Against My Window” – flash fiction published online at Metazen (and the story behind the story: HERE)
  • “Head in Bag” – my Kirkwood-winning story, and part of the novel-in-stories, is in Issue 105/106 (Winter 2009/Spring 2010) of Confrontation (see an excerpt, HERE, at their Facebook page).
  • “Tossed” – a short story in the Fall/Winter 2013 issue (Vol. 6.2) of Quiddity.

My book-in-progress is Claudia: A Novel-in-Stories. See the following page and sub-pages for description of the project, updates, and sample stories.

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