Shanley Festival at Theatre 68

Los Angeles’ Theatre 68 (tucked into an odd block on Sunset, just east of Western) is several weeks into an ambitious presentation of all thirteen plays currently in repertory by John Patrick Shanley–winner of the Pulitzer for Doubt and an Oscar for Moonstruck. Each play runs two nights a week, on alternating weeks, through May 24. Joe Mantegna directs one of the plays, and Sally Struthers appears in another. More info here.

Last night I saw a special Friday performance of “Beggars in the House of Plenty,” directed by Deborah Geffner (who some of you know from her performance of my story ‘Marrow’ in the New Short Fiction Series). Both the play and the production are excellent. One of Shanley’s most autobiographical works, it starts out funny and grows progressively darker and more moving. It normally shows on Tuesday & Wednesday; in April, the 7th & 8th and the 21st & 22nd.

You can also catch Deborah on “Cold Case” this Sunday, March 29, 9pm on CBS. She plays Joy, the daughter of the murder victim 50 years later, in the present part of the story (if you know how the show works). And then on Friday April 10, she’s performing a story at the Beverly Hills Public Library in the New Short Fiction Series (and again on Friday May 8–she’s a worth-the-price-of-admission actor, so check her out).