Short Story News (2)

You may not have realized it, but the month just ending as I type this has been National Short Story Month. Yet another initiative from Dan Wickett of the Emerging Writers Network, and in only its third year, the month is designed to generate interest in a form too often relegated to the margins–much as the more established National Poetry Month has done in April. Though I’m late in stepping in to plug it, this is the internet: so follow the link and spend some time reading some of the (literally) dozens of posts from the last month, some from Dan, others from guest bloggers, profiling both collections and individual stories. There are also a number of links to various websites that, unlike LS, participated vigorously. Tania Hershman also did a great job of promoting the month, both at her own blog and at The Short Review. (I promise to do better next year.)

As previously noted, the online journal storySouth is the engineer of what they call the Million Writers Award, an effort to recognize the most notable online short stories of the previous year. Dozens of stories were deemed notable (find them here, complete with links). Of these, ten finalists have been named–follow the link to read them and vote for the top prizes. (Voting runs through June 17.)


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