Alix Ohlin (2)

I posted previously about Alix Ohlin’s amazing short story, “Simple Exercises for the Beginning Student,” and vowed to read and review the collection it’s from, Babylon and Other Stories. Well, finally, here is my review, in the April issue of The Short Review. This is a wonderful collection. Buy it at Powell’s or from you local independent bookseller.

Some Alix Ohlin interviews, and other odds & ends:

  • a short interview at Hobart
  • and a longer interview at, which includes this fascinating metaphor: “When I’m writing I often think of the character as being underwater at the beginning of the story, and the action of the story is that character breaking the surface.”
  • at, her reflections on Greg Hollingshead’s The Roaring Girl
  • a video of a talk she gave in 2007 as part of the Zocalo Public Square lecture series, called “Why Mysteries Matter: Detectives, Literature & Life” (it’s 53 minutes long, so wait until you have the time).

Ohlin is previously the author of a novel, The Missing Person.


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