The Short Review (2)

A few updates related to this terrific website devoted exclusively to reviewing short story collections, past & present:

  • I’m late on plugging it, but in observance of Small Press Month, the March reviews are all devoted to small press releases, including new collections from Michael Martone and Kyle Minor.
  • A book recently reviewed on the site, Sana Krasikov’s One More Year, just won the $100,000 Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature.
  • Short Review Founder & Editor Tania Hershman received special mention by the judges of the Orange Prize–who in announcing the 2009 shortlist, went out of their way to mention two who did not make the list: “We would also like to commend two other authors, Tania Hershman and CE Morgan, whose work stood out for its remarkable quality. We look forward to seeing more of their writing in the future.” Tania’s The White Road & Other Stories was published last year by Salt Publishing.
  • And, coming soon in the April Short Review, my own review of Alix Ohlin’s Babylon & Other Stories

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  1. Scott,
    thank you so much for all of this! Greatly appreciated.

    Tania x

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