Sotto Voce

I have a new story out in the second issue of this fine online journal. It’s called “Secret World” and is one of my Claudia stories.

A few things of note about Sotto Voce. From the start, they made a commitment to pay writers. It’s not a lot, but it’s more than a token amount, and they’ve already upped their rate from Issue 1. They also have a feature that allows readers to vote for what should be included in their print anthology. Finally, instead of the standard form rejection, they send writers brief notes from each editor/reviewer who read the piece.

Journals that show such respect for writers deserve our support. So check them out; vote for your favorite stories & poems; and order the print anthology when it comes out.

Finally, read a fascinating interview with editor Emily Thorp on Sotto Voce‘s unique review process, and some very humbling number crunching.


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  1. Saw your post in the P&W Speakeasy and commented, but I thought I’d leave a comment here as well. I also have a story in SV––actually issues 1 & 2––and after my stories were accepted I signed on as a reviewer. I interviewed SV’s Editor, Emily Thorp, back in November on my blog. She talks there about the anonymous review process, commenting on rejections, etc, if you want to check it out. Just go to my blog and search for Emily Thorp.

  2. Sotto Voce sounds great, I will go and check it out. In the meantime, I tagged you on my blog, it’s a good thing, not one of those 25 Random Whatsits….

  3. Hey, Scott,

    Great to see you yesterday, and thanks again for the copy of Madrid. I enjoyed reading the story and am passing it on to Dunreith.

    I love the blog and have already put it on my blog roll!

    Keep in touch, send regards to the other brothers D and Mari, and know that you are welcome for a more extended visit to Chi-Town!


  4. Congratulations again on your acceptance–second issue right? I’m looking forward to reading your piece and this interview.

  5. Just read your Story in Sotto Voce, Secret World. I love its narrator and the quiet, reflective language that describes her world. Like the other stories I’ve read by you, there’s a poetic quality to this one. I voted for it for the print anthology.
    Best of luck,

  6. this looks very cool…we need more quality lit sites.

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