Writing Resolutions

I’m normally not much into New Year’s resolutions–but last year was a bit of a break-through year for me and it seems important to build on that. So here are some thoughts about the writing year ahead. Posting them here will impose some pressure, and who knows may be of some use to others struggling with the writing life.

  • In a workshop this year, the teacher asked us to imagine what our writing life would look like if we could magically transform it overnight. A few of the things I wrote down: write more quickly, and more boldly; juggle more projects (which doesn’t work for everyone); reduce clutter, literal and figurative.
  • Further explore theater. I’ve written how essential I find Susan Neville’s thesis that in every person, in every human situation, is a fault line, a hair-line crack–and the writer’s job is to use story as a wedge to force open that fault line and explore what happens next. Drama on stage & screen is a good way to hone that part of the craft: there is no exposition to fall back on, only the present action.
  • Faithfully observe the Computer Sabbath (more on this in a later post).
  • Network more–but don’t allow this to interfere with writing (more on that in the same post).
  • Integrate writing practice with spiritual and physical practice (more on that in a different post).
  • Read more. Last year was not a good reading year.
  • Develop a better routine. But also play with that routine–for example, get up a couple hours early for a few days.
  • Start more new work. Last year involved a lot of rewriting. So will this year. And my own production ebbs and flows a great deal–and I like it that way. But I want to push the new writing. So even if it’s just a sketch or an exercise, I want to at least start one new thing each week.
  • Keep sending work out.

There you have it. Let me know your own goals.

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  1. I think I know what you mean by computer sabbath. You’ve got to take time off. In fact, I write on a computer without internet, so that all I can do is write, not surf, and make my wife hide the laptops with internet when she’s at work. I suppose that’s my version of a Sabbath.

  2. Hi Scott,
    a great set of resolutions, how are they going? And the computer Sabbath is amazing, I do a full sabbath, switch everything off – phone, TV, computer etc.. – and I find it really recharges me, stories start writing themselves in my head. Wonderful. My resolution is to take better care of myself, in all aspects, and so that definitely includes cutting down on the Internet addiction!

  3. Ooh.. I hadn’t thought of making writing resolutions. I will definitely give this some thought! I’ll come back and post again when I make mine!

    Love the blog, btw.. first time here!

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